EarthFest 2015

Today at Singapore’s first festival dedicated to sustainability, EarthFest! The brainchild of my friend Mike – check out his free recipes ebook! Really heartened to see a prominent city space dedicated to promoting conscious living plus environmental awareness on anything from upcycling to palm oil…with a backdrop of music, markets and a puppy adoption drive.

Some of the vendors from left to right sequence –

1) Team V, a running group full of herbivores actively participates in local marathons. One of their members, Rameshon, is a champion and record holder.

2) Singapore-Australian based vegan author, bodybuilder, personal trainer Luke Tan sending out good vibes!

3) The Dorsal Effect selling cute shirts and campaigns for shark conservation, not by screaming ‘boycott shark’s fin!!’ but providing shark fishermen with alternative livelihoods.

4) Natural skincare from Handmade Heroes – i love their lip tint!

5) Organic nom-able plants locally-grown by Fire Flies Health Farm.

6) Coconut ice cream from Brownice – made from brown rice milk. Yes, amazing right?

7) NONG by Edible Gardens helps people to grown their own food in land-scarce Singapore. Went to their workshop once and my fingers did get greener!

8) The Hunter’s Kitchenette handcrafted nut butters are a feast for the eyes too – good typography!

9) Drool-worthy handmade mooncakes from Delcie’s, the healthiest bakery in Singapore.

10) Bubbly Petz, pet supplies shop and grooming with a big conscience for all animals, humans and Mother Earth. Check out their pet grooming workshops too! (Photo from co-owner Shimin.)

I missed out on most of the savoury food as they were grabbed out by noon, gosh! You can visit the EarthFest site and see how sustainable, plant-based lifestyle movement is blossoming with new brands and initiatives adding to the scene’s vibrancy.

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