Plant-based Asian recipes & reviews

  • Rustic Pineapple Balls (Lunar New Year Recipe)

    Healthy Pineapple Balls Recipe Pineapple pastries, usually in the form of tarts, are a common sight in Singapore and Malaysia during Chinese New Year. Pineapples represent prosperity and good luck in some Chinese cultures. The name also sounds similar to “fortune, come” when said in Hokkien. In Singapore, after moving into a new house, Chinese…

  • Vegan Omurice recipe

    First things first: my first recipe book is finally launched on Amazon US! They can ship to many other countries too. UK launch will be in April 2021, you can preview the book here. Thanks for your support since the local launch last year! Omurice is a popular dish in Japan, and it’s also pretty well-known…

  • 21 local businesses to support in 2021

    Edited to remove Ying Garden (closed) and replaced with Simple Lifestyle Healthy Vegetarian Happy new year! How’s your 2021 so far? Due to the situation in UK and Japan, I can’t apply for jobs yet (still waiting for UK to send my cert!). Also I didn’t get to take much breaks last year due to…

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Hi, Joy here. Just a Singaporean Chinese millennial who loves making and eating vegan food. Also the author of More Than Veggies: Asian Favourites Made Plant-based.

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